3 Traits that will make you super human

  1. Focus- We live in an age where distractions are every where.Netflix,social media,video games.everything has the potential of dragging on longer than you intended and you cant pull away from binge watching,or debating pointless arguments that go no can always get money back but you cannot get back this world where people let the tide direct them where to go.the man who focuses has a greater chance of finishing things faster and finishing to be honest in this world of instant gratification.just focus and your already ahead of the curve.

  2. Humor- The ability to make light of things is not only a power that benefits you on a personal level.on a competitive level it shows your adversary you don't take things or them seriously.don't play your enemies game ever.don't ever fight them on their battle ground of their own choosing.let them try to thwart you,nothing is scarier than a man who wont take his enemies greatest blows too seriously.

  3. persistence-this is almost the same as focus but focus has more to do with lucidity.most people give up easily. try to see where your getting your winners fix you feel accomplished winning digital awards in video games? use your focus and persistence instead to win on the tangible physical realm. people say you might be an over achiever but the desire to win is embedded in the human psyche.this is why humans like to finish in point this is why even the less motivated like to beat bosses and finish only asking you to win in the game in the life.

stay wise my friends

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