5 Life lessons from a 33 year old

Updated: Oct 15, 2020 can have the best intentions,you can be the nicest person in the world.but that doesn't mean the world will repay it

back to least not in a tangible sense.i didn't really start getting ahead until i started taking life by the horns

and responsible for my own financial and physical well me,Ive been like you.Ive loaded trailers for 12 hours,

slaved away all for the sake for the love of my don't mean shit.generally if you look like a beast of burden,you

will be treated like a beast of burden.even from your harmless maiden.listen to me don't let people treat you like a fool.

2.if your leaders or higher ups can fuck you over,you are right,they will throw you under the bus to save their own being from a Mexican back ground a lot of us have that peon mentality still.unless you can sustain yourself financially,your station in life will always be on shaky ground.stay stagnant at your own risk. brings a bone,dog will carry a bone.Never trust gossipers or people who spend all day talking about other people.ill tell you right now if you got friends like this,they are spilling the beans on you too.

4.people you wont suspect to be jealous of you are jealous of you.they can be family,older,people you call friends,strangers you see in passing everyday.yup.why?it can be shit you don't even think about.maybe your more decisive than them or their offspring.maybe your more poised.maybe your more fit,who knows.all i know is not everyone in this world is your weren't meant to make permanent situations in this life,even were born to break cycles and patterns.and grow. are what you think.spend all day wallowing that the sky is falling or woe is me,then woe will befall you.if you want to be a winner,then you gotta eat like a winner.the mind first,then the body will follow.brainwash yourself that you are sexy,fit,funny,winning,and you will become so.this my friends is the power of the subconscious.subconsciously you are less resistant to self affirmation.this is key to overcoming a lot of self doubt and negative self talk.fuck all the confusion out there.take control of your own mind before it controls you.

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