ALWAYS keep your head

most people are like the wind,they change wherever the world forces them to.unfortunate events are always going to be a part of can either be like chicken little and say the skies falling.or double your efforts to keep your head and push through the pain.

to have a chiseled body and muscles is great. but there's one thing no one can ever take from you...your mind.

EVERYONE is always fighting to dominate your attention or thoughts,but if you can push towards your goals will seem to have some kind of demon of the secrets of manifestation is don't have to be the Highest IQ motherfucker on the can be the smartest person in the world and not accomplish a damn thing."the world is full of educated fools"

Do not change with the wind,for their is a constant war to dominate your attention. EVERYTHING around you was first conceived in someones mind. you too have that power.this pandemic time i could of folded,played video games all day and jerked off in my room all day,but no.just these last two months.i got listed in imdb,launched a website,successfully linked up my merchandise, i made improvements to my workout ,coordinated a CD of greatest hits of some of Los Angeles's most popular punk acts.

you take control of your head,then you take control of yourself,then you gain the world.

stay wise Kings and Queens.

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