Banishing the ghosts of the past

the status quo doesn't like banishers of the past,people who wage war on sacred cows.if your single minded and have a certain way of doing things.people who are similar to your background will feel threatened.Ive said it before,ill say it again.the road to greatness,mastery,and entrepreneurship is a narrow road.people at the top have little or no friends.people will either look up to you,or want to knock you off your horse and shit on you for challenging their way (which is usually wrong) of doing things.

once in a while il see an ignorant comment on my youtube or facebook but like Ive said before.follow the trail,it usually leads back to some nerd,loser or little fat kid who has nothing to do.*flexes his muscle*i look around my room there's dumbbells all over the place.that being said i like challenges,but once you leveled up you actually feel sorry at these puppies.if you read my blogs,yours is the path is to self mastery,mastering your body,mind,and are from the ilk of Alexander the great,napoleon or Leonidas.when i was at age of a lot of these guys i was hiking everyday and sparring at the mountain top with a friend.blogs like these are the only time i will entertain these losers.

i wish i could sit down and play games all day,but you gotta put in the work.the only time games have a place in your life is when you need to relax a takes balls banishing the ghosts of the past.don't inherit the insecurities,vices and self limiting beliefs of those who came before you.leave a legacy for those who come after you.

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