Do Not Conform to others ideas of success

Ideas of success vary from person to person and what was once success 30 years ago is possibly outdated and haphazard today.take marriage for example.the idea of getting married starting a family was one idea of success 40 years ago.its important to consider all aspects of situations before committing to a certain relationship.for some being an outstanding man and being married is success.there could be practical reasons men today are not so willing to commit to such a serious life choice.

Success is something within,it varies from person to person some have the fire,others don't.what seems like a winners strategy to you will seem eccentric to others.great successful people have often been seen as eccentric or out there.Tesla,Elon Musk,Zuckerberg.a man of success is willing to break with tradition and take risks.i can give you several reasons why you should not get married so early in life especially without a prenup.but the purpose of this blog is to tell you not to conform with anyone's idea of success but your own.

i wasn't built for school.but Ive always had a natural curiosity and natural gravitation towards history. i don't have any degrees to show for my success.but Ive always had will and consider myself naturally inquisitive and intelligent. Being educated and intelligent are two different is a microcosm the other sees how the microcosm works,and even builds a new microcosm or system all together.but again don't listen to my ideas of success,if you are naturally inclined towards structured way of learning,go for it. we need doctors, lawyers, people who think mathematically.

also beware of people who lack direction or have a complacent mindset.these are the kind who have given up on life.who have taken on the role of losing in life."woe is me" "nothing ever goes my way" beware of these types.pessimism is contagious.if someone takes you off your game,completely cut these people off.its lonely at the top and people who are at the top or strive to be at the top understand the language of sacrifice,handwork,higher pain threshold etc.

Stay on the narrow path Kings and queens!

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