Do not listen to stupid people

Choose your teachers wisely many want to teach but few are took man thousands of years to refine the way he expresses himself.the way he passes down knowledge.sometimes being rich in the middle ages meant having the biggest library of books around. now we are over saturated by knowledge.whatever resonates with you be sure to highlight it or write it down.there are are a few true nuggets(like this blog) among st the bullshit you read or hear everyday. also beware of whom you take advice from.if you want to be wise don't learn from fools.if you want to be wealthy then why do you listen to people who never been good with money?if you want to be fit don't listen to a lazy fuck or at least someone whose never been fit before.many want to teach but few are masters.before i listen to anyone i make sure they have the experience or at least know what the hell they're talking about. why should you listen to 33 year old me?because before i was 30 i reached a position in my 9 to 5 about 10 or 15 percent in my field ever the time i was 30 i was already a signed artist,wrote a book and i wasn't even born in this life has been one of many sacrifices and one of few true friends.but like the mafioso says in the film American gangster "we can be poor and have many friends or we can be rich and have little or no friends" misery loves company,i don't like bullshit,not even from family. your time is limited.i never cared about losing money. but i care about losing time.don't lose your time with stupid people. stay wise kings and queens!

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