Embracing the "Darker"virtues

EVERY man of greatness has a "darker" side. it wasn't until recently where men were held up to a standard comparable to that of a priest.JFK cheated on his wife.. Steve jobs was cold and overbearing at times. George Harrison slept with Ringo's wife.etc etc. the point being No man or woman is a saint.

Like Michael Corleone said in the godfather 3 the higher you climb,the more crooked it becomes. if you get into a quarrel with a person of high stature you better get ready for smear and slander campaigns.that being said its rare you'll find a benevolent selfless saint at the top.

Learn to be detached and cool headed

the more people you deal with the more impersonal and detached you must be in your business affairs.Every person is a world onto themselves of ideas good and bad.the higher you climb the bigger the crowd of courtiers will grow around you.keep your confidant or confidants very close.if a person reeks of bullshit be merciless in cutting them out.

Obsession is good

its called focus, the less focused you are the more ideal cog you make. if we all focused on our talents or primary goals we all wouldn't stick to unfulfilling 9 to 5's. successful people are extremely focused. Nikola Tesla never married, slept very little and was extremely focused on the task at hand.and is now known as a brilliant inventor and contributor to modern creature comforts in the field of electricity. focus shy of pathological compulsiveness is a good thing.

Conflict is good

It doesn't have to be physical it can be intellectual as well,though contact sports gives one a philosophical approach to life. there's a time to scrap, there's a time to stick and move.there's a time to rope a dope wait for your enemy or objective to get weaker then strike. be well versed in all forms of combat. physical ,mental, philosophical.

Learn to Enjoy enemies and criticism

Do not wilt before enemies, smile and bask in their hatred. you don't have to drop a boulder on a fly, but you can take negative comments as fuel for your ambition. they can unfriend you on twitter or Facebook . but they cant make you magically vanish in real life(haha) wait till they see you on a magazine, shirt or billboard LOL .

Stay strong Kings and Queens!

special thanks to Sebastian Ramirez for buying a copy of my book

"The way of the tiger man:the strong mans manifesto"

This blog is for you king!

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