Haters,shit talkers and enemies are inevitable

Everyone cant be your friend Every person is a world onto themselves.with their own set of rules ethics or lack of.that expression "its lonely at the top" is have certain traits that set them apart from the crowd. winners get up at don't waste time.and the saying "misery loves company is certainly true. often times the alpha or most driven in any family strives to out grow the sins of the family and take everything that has been accomplished and make it naturally if you raise the bar,people that don't got motivation for shit are going to feel threatened by it.because when people of low self esteem look at you,it makes them feel like shit they don't have the ilk of winners in them. beware for friends even family will envy your success.never tolerate people who dont support you even in passive aggressive ways,or back handed compliments.what you need to do is build up a mentality or self image of indomitable will through self affirmation.and insulated away from nay Sayers and bullshitters. you don't owe anybody anything,not pity,not even an explanation.but you can serve the world best by being the best version of are not your brothers keeper.but you can do a good deed by being your best and demonstrating the way through your actions.

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