Its all about POWER

In The last couple of years a lot of modern thinking has suggested that a lot of human traits are mere constructs.

In The last couple of years a lot of modern thinking has suggested that a lot of human traits are mere constructs.

suppose one is idealistic and follows the christian virtue to take care of ones neighbor.and one gets what he or she wants,i point to my example of the autonomous zone on the west coast.which was a closed off community or "country"

a lot of virtues or traits this group of people claimed to abhor they took part in.for one,this experiment was closed off and

guarded by armed guards.i am inclined to ask,why?hierarchies were formed based on an alpha leader model.inner resentment

over the poor taking the food became apparent.

beware of following people that take on the mantle or guise of being self pious or self righteous,for one

uncomfortable truth of human nature,its all about POWER.if the autonomous zone was a microcosm or extension of

these individuals utopian dreams.their heart might be in the right place but their head wasn't.always ask yourself to what end do people or movements want to go to.

some timeless truths:

its human nature to want to compete for the best spot,the most beautiful girl,the higher position or prestige.even if

you get a group of people who want to compete over who is most pious.throw in elements of manipulation and cunning.

there will always be an ALPHA.

do we all deserve the same portion of food,money,or shelter?lets say we were on an island,and we gave everyone 10,000 dollars.some were more indulgent others invested wisely into crops or electric panels.would you say everyone deserves

the same praise?no friend,there will always be resentment for those who do not pull their own weight.

in the end in such matters we must be prudent,articulate and wise.unfortunately it also an uncomfortable truth that the average western individual is an emotional creature,self indulgent,self pious and indifferent to reason.

any rights you think you have are self appointed by the structure or authority before you.

look at nature the lion eats the gazelle,the frog swallows the mouse that dares to caress it in foolish curiosity.

the human psyche is a shadowy place and just as cunning.people will never be fair.the tug of war for who holds sway

over the this or that will go on forever.

be smart,be wise,be strong.

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