More Life lessons from a 33 year old

Life doesn't always make sense

Life is ambiguous,there will be situations you never get a clear answer to.Life is not a movie or a 2 hour story arc.Learn to be strong and comfortable in being uncomfortable.why did he or she die?why did he or she leave me?why did this person swindle me out of my money?you will never get answers to some of the most unsettling events in your life.instead work on maintaining your own frame.find self worth in your hobbies and personal ambitions.happiness is like pain,it doesn't last,but you can prepare yourself mentally for life's toughest challenges.

Life and mother nature are A moral

The hawk swoops down and eats the mouse,the mountain lion prowls into your neighborhood and eats a poor earthquake happens and kills the just and unjust alike.morals are human concepts and the most pious will bend these concepts to manipulate forewarned.

Mediocre people envy the ambitious

Expect resistance in your climb to the top.if you outgrow your friends there's no reason for you to be around them.mediocre ideas are contagious and if that don't work expect passive aggressiveness.Mediocre people,live in mediocrity,associate with these types and you will find yourself living a mediocre existence.

Learn how to spot energy vampires

people can drain your energy and not necessarily be bad people.these types often come and dump their own problems on you and you will notice if you try to give them advice they will often turn it down or seek to blemish your day.even a wise samurai once said,first see if your advice is even wanted.another saying says:'do not cast pearls before swine"another type of energy vampire is what i call "the messenger" these types do not necessarily speak ill of you.but they will carry messages to you often of "he said,she said" or "this person said this of you" one or two times is alright.but if you make it clear you don't wish to hear bullshit.this person is draining your energy.other energy vampires:people that shoot down your ideas.nay Sayers, frenemies, Gossipers, Bullshitters, if you want to be a top performance individual you must cut fools off with extreme prejudice.

Energy vampires come in many forms

Stay Sharp Kings and Queens.

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