Never fight on your enemies terms

Never give your enemy the initiative or advantage.take the fight out of his experience or know how.if your enemy sees you as an easy meal,drag things out.make him think duking it out with you will cost time,even money.don't meet him on his own battle field take the battle to another place he wont expect.if you see your about to get fucked over,be ready.have names,times and incidents documented and ready to present to a lawyer or higher up.or be preemptive.

never use words or terms your enemies are used to sparring are neither Liberal or conservative.your too god damn smart to get dragged into arguments that waste your time and go no where.use terms that are sphinx like,or engage in conversation in a way that doesn't que the script in most peoples minds.see,most people are not ready to converse in a civilized manner.they merely are playing a war of attrition and seek to impose their views or opinions on you.

lastly nobody owns morality.if your enemy seeks to attack your character,reverse the script and attack his sense of morality.or preemptively do this and keep jabbing at this spot if your adversary is of the self righteous ilk.suggest that he is lazy,self pious and a bad person.use your imagination.

"Float like a butterfly sting like a bee"-Muhammad Ali

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