Never Let the world or people knock you off your game

“I did not move a muscle when I first heard that the atom bomb had wiped out Hiroshima. "-Gandhi

The World is full of distractions,one tragedy after facebook feed is full of people politicizing one thing or lamenting something they don't cant get to where your going if your always going off the path chasing frivolous things or ideas.

EVERYTHING counts.every person or idea is its own concept,contract or gateway that changes your alignment or possibly deviates you away from what you want.when you agree to talk or hang out with certain people you are agreeing to the small print to the situations they are offering you.though i am about to get metaphysical,its true.every place, person and idea has its frequency or want to make sure you are mostly on an elevated vibe.if someone fucks with your mood or feeling.this is a good indicator this person or situation will get you off your game.avoid people like this as much as possible.

when you are on an elevated plain you get benefits like seeing people and situations much more start attracting and manifesting positive situations but you also attract distractions that try to mess with your frequency or vibe.tell me it isn't true that when you mentally get yourself out of a mental rut,something pops up like a phone call,a conversation to interrupt you?that's because most of the world operates on a beehive mentality to keep you in the matrix.EVERYTHING MATTERS even play. don't let yourself get too deep in situations or you will find yourself in murky waters and you'll attract murky situations.but if you rise above subjective thinking you see the over all picture.

this is why i usually don't respond to haters, their trying to get you off your game and bring you to murky waters. when you shine, you attract moths and parasites. though i do mess with them for fun sometimes lol if your a lion your always going to have hyenas trying to take your crown.

Stay wise Kings and Queens

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