Never underestimate the elderly or getting elderly

we live in a society where we don't like to talk about our mortality or our twilight years.but see meditating on your twilight can be reinvigorating.every minute that passes is a moment closer to your eventual demise. in japan the elderly are treated with respect there is even a holiday to show your respect to your of the wisest things an old man told me was "i never look at old pictures,what for? Im not taking anything with me to the grave" the point of this wise mans insight is "live in the moment".

it is a symptom of this society the western one.depression is prevalent.why shouldn't you be? when most of you think your dead by the time your 30.NONSENSE! Ceasar crossed the Rubicon at 45.Boxer Jem mace Retired at 78 years old!for a man particularly his prime is in his 30s 40s 50s,and on his latter years if he hasn't retired he should be sought for his wisdom.anyways not all the elderly are wise.there are some that never grow out of being assholes.that's right,beware of these types or any toxic people for that matter. be discerning in all the advice you hear.while a lot of elders give you sound advice some are still bitter or jealous at what they never did.these types want to box you in psychologically and impose their beliefs,negativity,and bullshit on you.

always see things from an eagle eye never underestimate the elderly for better or worse.never under estimate yourself either.

Stay wise kings and queens

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