Rising above the matrix

You notice everything you see on TV is about being weak?why would i want to watch a show after i come home from my 9 to 5 and watch a show about a sorry jackass sorry about his pitiful life?TV programmings are exactly that PROGRAMMINGS you want to make sure you live your life with the right programming.though you might think you consciously ignore things you don't like.

you must understand the key to absorbing and retaining information is SUB CONSCIOUSLY. sub consciously we retain a lot of information.its easy to see why one loses energy just mindlessly scrolling on Facebook or TV.i have come up with a theory that the internet is like a collective underbelly of some of peoples nastiest ever heard of Carl jungs concept of shadow psychology?the internet is kinda like that,its a back water of nasty shit.its easy to be nasty and rude when you take accountability out of the equation.i find it a discipline to abstain from Facebook and focus on my affirmations instead of going for that extra hit of dopamine.

the secret of the elites is. you can do anything. you can be anything you want. you just have to go for it. do you want to be the person being programmed or the person programming? what the elites have done is create a reality for you to jump in. they are PROGRAMMING your thinking. Elites hate the great and different because it threatens their station in life.everything around you was conceived by humans.don't you want to be the hero of your story?or the creator of your world?

Stay alert Kings and queens

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