Signs of a secret hater or hidden enemy

Ever had someone put their arm around you and make you feel like they felt like they had something to show you?maybe it was a harmless but usually your instinct or gut wont lead you astray.peoples words matter second to the weight or vibe they give off.

signs of hidden jealousy,resentment or underhandedness:

They make comments like:(Your too old for..that's nice but Ive seen,or have....your too short,your too tall,nice muscles,but....)

haters use "but" a lot cause they are BUTT heads.they are assholes.anyone that doesn't support you,needs to be outed from your life.even if you become a loner.learn how to protect your mental well being.

why do haters and secret enemies hang out with you if they hate you?because they might be psychic vampires that feed off your energy,if you feel drained after talking with someone this is the reason.that person doesn't even have to seem seemingly evil that person is just not conductive to your well being.your better off finding new friends or limiting your time with that person.

high performers and over achievers have little friends cause they are always going beyond.and if your too far ahead those behind you will always try to pull you back.

on social media secret haters do things like never comment or like your posts but when they have something to say its usually something negative.cut these idiots out don't even exchange words with them.or if you've said something particularly ballsy they'll join in people that talk shit about you and stick a knife in you while your down.HATERS.

ultimately the best way to spot a hater or hidden enemy just pay attention to your gut or intuition.if it looks and smells like bullshit,then that's exactly what it is.

Stay wise Kings And Queens

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