So you want to be famous

Its Rare for a normal person to become famous at an early age.often time those who achieve super stardom at an early age often don't hold on to their money or fame.i can point out countless examples of those who achieved superstardom at a later age.

Over night fame is a result of several actions taken

Case in point,Arnold Schwarzenneger . back in the mid 80s Arnold was too big, had an accent.but he had confidence,Drive,the drive that made him the champion of many body building contests.though he had Success with the first Terminator movie (84) it was Terminator 2 that arguably cemented Arnold as an action the way, Arnold was 44 at this point.James Cameron 37. everything is a gradual process.

Wanting to be famous is good.

I Never claimed to be a Marxist. we should want to be better.some people are just built to be leaders.if you put in the tears,blood and sweat,you fucking deserve the glory.

Alexander the great wanted to be Achilles.And Julius Caesar wanted to be like Alexander. wanting to be famous is a desire to leave one marks on the world.its wanting to say "Look mom,dad, i brought glory to the family or family name" fame and applause feels good.but its vaporous.people who achieve fame often have certain traits like the ability to reinvent one self,or a deep rooted ability to adapt to changing circumstances.they never give up.

Its Never too late

Remember you look at a celebrated persons life,and you find everything was a gradual process and prepared them for something better.often someone like johnny cash is remembered for the wise man of the earth look he donned on his twilight years. Mexican Star Danny trejo achieved super stardom in his 60s after being seasoned by life's difficulties.when most people would be signing up for AARP Danny trejo had his first feature film in"Machete" so dont patton said "You're never beaten until you admit it" so get out there and give em hell!

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