Ten tenets of the tiger man

The following are the ten traits or tenets of the "Tiger man"read more on my book in the link below.from my book"The way of the tiger man:the strong mans manifesto"

1.always do your best to keep your mind in order through daily rituals

2.listen to nothing that seeks to undermine you

3.having a big ego is a good thing,most of the world will try to beat it out of you

4.having enemies is a good thing.they force us to become stronger,more aware,more intelligent

5.the truth is substantially un-politically correct and not always pretty

6.being intelligent is superior to being well has the capacity to be indoctrination,while the other sees the manipulation and indoctrination

7.a mans self worth comes from himself,he is like a boulder on the sea shores.

8.always be physically fit,do not give in to any vice that corrodes your physical or mental constitution

9.being a man is a privellage,but also a responsibility.these reaponsibilities are

A)strength-mental and physical




10)A man never apologizes for his manliness

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