The Mastermind Principle

A king may appoint himself through sheer will and cunning,but maintaining power is an art in itself. often times being a successful leader is to serve. it is wise for your group to see you work hard for the interest of your organization from time to time. for a king is not a king without the loyalty and hard work of his subjects.

the mastermind principle was penned by napoleon hill author to the now entrepreneur classic"Think and grow rich"it is generally unwise for one to admit he is master of all.

me personally im not a detail oriented person and i hate micro managing. therefore it is wise for a person like to me to hire or appoint a detail inclined person to sub manage under me and over see certain details in my projects while i navigate the general vision.

a good example of the mastermind principle is Steve jobs and Steve wozniak.Steve while generally mediocre in the department of computer programming was an exceptional salesmen. without Jobs its probably unlikely wozniak would of found investors in his technological masterpieces. of course the mastermind principle does not end here. whenever individual talents come together to make the over all goal of the organization work,this is the mastermind principle in practice.managers,secretaries,PR people,

to break it down simply, what are your weaknesses and who can you work with to balance out your weaknesses?if you lack people skills hire a charismatic spokes person.if your charismatic but not the most organized hire a secretary or a manager.the mastermind principle does not limit itself to just two people.but having the right team players will help you reach your goals faster.

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