The power of infinite self belief

They never teach us how to live,life skills or how to die in school.we live life in a fog,we are either too young or too old for our station in life.some of us get swept up by events and some never manage to go for what they truly want.some of us don't even like our day jobs and like Joe rogan said the highlight for most of us is taking a shit in the restroom and having a minute or two that is truly mentally ours we whip out our phones and indulge in fleeting pleasures. now corona has come to shake up our existence.a lot of us have been locked up in our house for more than a month.without getting into politics some people are dying to get back to their pattern.their hell.hell is a world of patterns.because we don't know how to think or we want to ignore our true dreams or impulses.most of us are begging to be shackled back into our slavery.sure some of us are happy living our 9 to 5 but to those that feel they are destined for big things.quarantine could of been one of the best things that happened to us. men that end up prison often end up jacked because they have all the time in the world.being strong is not only in the body but in the mind.some of us play video games,Netflix,the fridge is fucking full and we feel lacking...why?because we are mentally or spiritually bankrupt.think about it... the mind is a muscle you must work it,you must maintain its must sand bag it against adversity.personally i figured now is a good time to shake up my work out.invest in new weights or try new techniques. johnny kahn,how can i acquire mental toughness? you need to brainwash yourself.try ten minutes a day then twenty then thirty.repeat affirmations on your headphones.or write them down.find them.muhhamad ali used to do this.a lot of CEO'S and athletes do this.find whichever affirmations work for you. "i am mentally strong,nothing gets in my way.i am capable of achieving anything the world is mine" now repeat that into your brain a hundred,a thousand,a million times!

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