The psychology of jealousy and envy

The bible says "turn the other cheek" then again God created man in his image and God himself said he is a vengeful and Jealous god.i was wondering if i should write a blog today. it has been a productive quarantine. as like i wrote in my previous blog, isolation will either make or break you. anyways i got a weird spam notice for one of my pictures on facebook. and i found That bizarre as i never flash my breasts or my Chorizo in any pictures. Nay, someone took the time to mark my post as spam possibly. but how can it be spam if its true?

when your too busy you actually begin to feel sorry for haters or jealous people. because i find, when i trace back a critical comment often times it will lead me to a dead end.or a person who isn't about shit. true players either don't fuck with each other or see the benefits in a power alliance. how pitiful that person must be. and mind you i made no claim on the picture in question. just buffed out old me sitting on a chair looking handsome like an Aztec God. not much else to say except i love winning. you should too. i feel bad for haters but if i spend time on them i wont be able to focus on what i like best.getting shit done.

any ways i found out a hour later i got listed on the IMDB data base.

they got listed on my "Im a sorry loser" with a capital L database. lol

keep on winning kings and queens

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