The Truth About Manhood

The truth about manhood is it will be rare that people wish to see you succeed unless there's something in it for them or unless they see something in you that they wish to become.the truth about manhood old school strength physical and mental worked in the past it will work again in the future,society is a giant shit test men must go through.the best friend you got in this world is your own masculine mind and will lose believers,friends,fans and family. loss of grace is only an inch away. the world can burn but you must always maintain an unshakeable belief in yourself and abilities. welcome adversity and hard ship. build the tools you need to get through. live life, there is only regret later when you didn't do what you wished to do.

its a fact but the world was conquered through might and will.though we often do not conquer now a days with swords and clubs.the battle ground is everywhere. again keep your masculine thoughts and core the battle is now fought and won through the media,cyber space,in the mind.nobody owes you shit, take responsibility for your own mental well being. we can all say we are equal but in the end some of us have abilities that surpass others and vice versa.and society will dish out your rewards fairly or unfairly. misery and success falls on the just and unjust alike. but as long as you are unshakeable in yourself not much will catch you by surprise in this crazy,cruel beautiful world.

stay strong my friends.

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