Traits of winners

last couple of days Ive been watching this show on amazon prime which i believe is a history channel program. named alone.the show is basically about ten men whom are placed throughout the wilderness in British Columbia and are left to master the lands and elements with only basic tools like axes,knives,maybe a pot or pan a tarp.last man standing wins 500,000 dollars.about half of the men involved left within the first ten days. in the end it came down to two men.i noticed in an interesting of them was 40 years old now this man was eating well,he knew how to fish and was ingenious in the way he caught smaller fish.he was well aware psychology would play a major factor in his contrast the younger contestant was 20 years old.but he managed to build a good shelter caught fish occasionally but he didn't seem as skilled as the older contestant.HOWEVER out of all the ten men he seemed to have an amped up silly sense of humor by contrast.the interesting thing though as the contest began to evolve into the 50 day mark he was down to trapping mice and eating them.a poorer diet than the older man.but i found it interesting that he was still into the game.and i had a feeling he was going to hold out for a good while. spoilers ahead: in the end the younger man ended up tapping out.the poor diet combined with the weather banging against his environment eventually broke him down.brave effort for his age and it was apparent after it was all said and done what traits helped the die hards get through. -Sense of humor,the younger guy had a wacky sense of humor but so did the older man.he would eventually sing to himself in front of his camera he used to document his daily events and provide wise cracks. -adaptability,the guys that made it further through the event insisted in spite of failing.if a trap failed in one area they were willing to change locations. -knowledge,part of surviving is having knowledge of survival skills.some of these men knew how much daylight they had just by putting they're hand under the location of the sun.some of these men knew how to make combustible material from the terrain,they knew how to filter water and some knew how to develop traps to catch fish. -lucidity,the man that beat out the rest was the one who was aware of the psychological factor and took his mind to task and had a philosophical approach to the challenge.if he dwelled on the past he had a manly wisdom in his trials and took everything day by day.the men who tapped out earlier repeated self defeating affirmations. while sort of a cliche now what doesn't kill us makes us the end the last man standing was ready to stay out there another smile at challenges because they make us stronger and give us a chance to prove our mettle. Stay Strong Kings and Queens

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