What The Roman Empire can teach us

Ah Lovely Rome, i remember watching the series about the Rise and fall of Rome from the history channel.something about watching Odavacer Depose The last Roman emperor and officially ending western Rome that makes me melancholic

The story of Rome in a sense is a macrocosm of a mans soul.It was through conquest and expansion that Rome rose from having a mere village to a city that would go on and inspire the founding fathers of the united states.


Rome successfully expanded because it chose to incorporate local peoples and cultures under Roman Law and order.the concept of a stone highway where people can travel from province to province was can incorporate this into your personal affairs by having an open approach.find in what ways your friends can help you and build on that.on a personal and business level this napoleon hills concept "the master mind principle" at work.


Eternal vigilance is the price you pay for being ambitious and expansion oriented.there will always be people around you waiting to sack your cities and take whats your best to limit enemies or keep tabs on them if you cant work with covered on all fronts.sometimes generosity and respect is all thats needed.the visagoths were not an enemy that Rome needed but because the emperor decided to give the goths dog meat and treat them like shit when they were seeking asylum from the Huns.he made in them a formidable enemy.don't make enemies if you don't know what your dealing with!or understand your own limitations.


You have to go out there,you have to conquer and expand,in this way like Ceasar you can obliterate your demons and ceasar conquered the Gauls.the specter of the barbarian horde haunted Rome since they were sacked."woe to the conquered"the invading barbarians spoke to Rome.those words meant something until ceasar dared to expand and showed Rome there was no big bad day your haters will eat their day your own demons will be dominated by you."I came,i saw,i conquered."


did the spartans not practice warfare from the age of 7 up until adulthood?it was disciple,ingenuity and a willingness to learn from mistakes and enemies that Rome kept on winning and expanding until rigid and incompetent emperors got in the way in its twilight years.never let go of your discipline,you will always have to work to keep your crown.but the glory will be beautiful.

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