Why Having Enemies is a good thing

Its old school wisdom that before a major fight boxers don't smoke,drink or have sex.Legends are rare because they are willing to do the exceptional to get to the peak of their you have what it takes to stand on your own?most exceptional people have an eccentric streak.and its a sign of exceptional intelligence to have iron willed focus on your goals and is rare to have true friends that want you to succeed.and your sense of accomplishment shouldn't be for friends or even family,in the end what matters is that you prove your will to yourself.everything else will follow.eye on the ball,ALWAYS. Respect and being liked are two different things.Being liked feels good but respect lasts longer.especially self respect,and its harder to maintain self respect the more you want to be liked.enemies will always be a fact of life, only the naive,stupid or lazy have no enemies.enemies are good,because they push us to excel them,in inadvertently pushing us to excel ourselves.the word enemy comes from the Latin word inimīcus or "not a friend" a man or woman of ambition has no time for Gordon gecko said "you want a friend,get a dog" of course its an exaggeration its cool to have a buddy or two,but the stakes are higher if you aspire for greatness.anything you say can and will probably be used against you at some point. energy is contagious and not everyone can be your friend.the mind is a receiver i don't care what anyone says.there are things even in science that are intangible,the art of sensing people and situations is one of them.why do you want to be aware of enemies and or people that oppose your beliefs or undermine your success?because every person is its own bubble of reality.its apparent right now as i write during times of quarantine as many peoples conceptions of reality are being destroyed.never get swept up in any wave of craziness,or other peoples ideas.operate from your own reality.and if you read my blogs your reality is probably one of self empowerment ,foresight,and preemptive action.

stay smart,stay strong kings and queens!

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