You are merely a squatter in your own social media

Social media platforms are increasingly imposing unwanted sub notices to peoples posts either about the "cerveza" bug or the u.s elections. gone are the days of the wild west of the internet. to be heavily reliant on one social media platform is to gamble and be on shaky ground.such as in life,never settle on one social media platform alone.find strength in being proactive and catch wind of censorship or shadow banning before you find yourself kicked out of one social media platform altogether.

you don't own your social media account you are merely renting the digital space to post up your ideas.and if the landlord "social media landlord" doesn't like what you have to say.your out.the ultimate wisdom is to start your own website,or spread your media accounts to less restrictive rely on one platform alone is to simp for that platform and its rules. there comes a time where one must divorce the restrictive relationship citing irreconcilable differences of opinion with the platforms ceo.

the ultimate wisdom is to keep expanding as an entrepreneur and self motivated self starter.

build your own platform.don't be a tenant,be an owner.there will be financial losses for those who refuse to be truly all inclusive.the hunger for truth will never be extinguished and these social media platforms that shadow ban or censor are shooting themselves in the foot.censorship wont snuff out what irks a platforms restrictive terms of service it will only make the forbidden more appealing.and im here to sell you the good stuff. ;)

stay sharp,stay ahead always.

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