You got to want it,more than people want to see you fail

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Nobody gives a shit about your dreams.You ever heard that expression,you are who you hang with?trust me,people you wouldn't suspect to envy you do envy must understand the general psychology and how they differ between tall and small people medium and such.never assume your weaknesses are the same as others.and vice versa.that being said, Jealousy and envy are traits that people try well to hide.your real friends will be very little.if you pay close attention you'll notice jealousy even within your own family.there's nothing wrong with being jealous,being jealous is natural.i know,cause im fucking jealous,but at least i try to do something that drives me to excel.

a lot of people that are jealous just like to talk shit and throw a wrench into your plans must learn how to remain focused.everyday you refuse to give up on your dreams is another "fuck you" to your haters.John lennon said"they hate you if your clever and they despise a fool" what does that tell you?people will never be fucking happy.dont let people box you get to decide to be the hero of your tale.there is a time to mop and take your hits,and there is a time to reap the day the student will become a master.alot of people dont like that.choose your friends if any wisely,for its possible to out grow them.even family.

Dont be a whiner,be a climber!

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